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Cookies are used on this site. When you first visit our website, we will request your permission to use cookies in accordance with the provisions of this policy. You just need to click accept once to agree to this policy. Or, you may consent to our use of cookies in line with the terms of this policy by using our domain and its variations,, and agreeing to this policy.

Regarding Cookies

A cookie is a piece of data that a web server sends to a web browser and the browser stores that contains an identifier (a string of letters and numbers). Every time the browser asks the server for a page, the identifier is then transmitted back to the server.

Cookies can be “persistent” or “session” cookies. A persistent cookie is stored by a web browser and will remain valid until its set expiration date, unless the user deletes it before that time. A session cookie, on the other hand, expires at the end of the user session, when the web browser is closed.

Cookies don’t normally contain information that directly identifies a user, but we may link the data stored in and retrieved via cookies to the personal information we have on file for you. Web servers can use cookies to recognise and monitor users as they travel between pages of a website and to recognise users who are returning to a website.

These Cookies

On our website, we employ both temporary and permanent cookies. Following are the names of the cookies we use on our website and the reasons why we use them:

Statistical Cookies

To evaluate how our website is being used, we use Google Analytics. Cookies are used by our analytics service provider to produce statistical and other data on how visitors use the website. The names of the analytics cookies utilised by our website are ga and _gid. Reports about the usage of our website are made using the data generated in relation to it. You can access the privacy statement of our analytics service provider at [].

Cookies for AdWords

We also use AdWords on our website. On our website, we display Google AdSense interest-based adverts. Google has customised these based on your interests. Google will use the DoubleClick cookie to track your behaviour on our website and other websites across the internet in order to assess your interests. On our website, we display Google AdSense adverts. Google will use the DoubleClick cookie to track your behaviour on our website and other websites across the internet in order to assess your interests. Google can use this behaviour tracking to make the adverts you see on other websites more relevant to your interests. Visit to examine, remove, or add interest categories connected to your browser. . Using those settings or the multi-cookie opt-out feature provided by the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) at, you can also choose not to accept cookies from the AdSense partner network. The opt-out will not be preserved if you erase your browser’s cookies because these opt-out procedures themselves rely on cookies. You might want to think about using the Google browser plug-in, which is available at, to ensure that an opt-out is preserved with respect to a certain browser.

Preventing cookie

By logging into your browser’s settings, cookies can be blocked. Please consult this site to learn how to prevent cookies from being placed by your individual browser.

Controlling Cookies

Popular browsers’ most recent iterations all include some sort of cookie management for users. Users can configure their browsers to accept, reject, or accept only specific cookies. Additionally, users can configure their browser to notify them each time a cookie is presented. Below is a list of the various types of browsers.

– 0.7 Mozilla Firebird
– 1.0 of Mozilla Firefox
– 1.0 of Mozilla Firefox
– v2.0 of Mozilla Firefox
– 3.0 of Mozilla Firefox
– Web browser Netscape 7
– Web browser Netscape 6
– Web browser Netscape 4
– Deepnet Navigator
– 1.1+ Deepnet Explorer
– 1.5.3 Deepnet Explorer
– Opera
– Google Chrome 5 (Mac OS X)
– Google Chrome 5 (Mac OS 9)
– Mozilla
– Chrome 1.0
– Using Chrome
– 8.0 Internet Explorer
– 7.0 Internet Explorer
– 6.0 Internet Explorer
– 5.0 Internet Explorer
– 4.0 Internet Explorer
– Google Chrome 3.0
– AOL 9
– AOL 8
– AOL 7

If you’re not sure how to do it with your particular browser, try searching for “your browser type + cookies + block”

What We Do

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