Terms & Conditions


EVERYDAYS MAILBOX, a trading name of EVERYDAYS MAILBOX LTD registered in England and Wales (Company No.: 12853572), agrees to offer mailbox, mail forwarding, virtual office, serviced office, telecom, and other related services to people and businesses (“the Customer”) for a period of time (“the Term”) at the location (“the Centre”) specified in the Service Agreement (“the Agreement”), assuming the Customer accepts and agrees to the Terms and Conditions stated below

– Mailbox, Virtual Office and Registered Office Services
– Meeting Room, Serviced Office and Hot Desk Services
– Telecom Services
– Associated and Other Services
– Permitted Use of Service
– The Payment
– Service Deposit
– Service Availability
– Cancellation and Refund
– Term and Termination
– Liabilities and Indemnities
– Proof of Identification
– Governing Law
– Data Protection Act 1998
– Privacy Policy
– Website Terms of Use

1) Services for mailboxes, virtual offices, and registered offices

1.1) At the fulfilment centre of your choice, we will give you a mailing address to use for personal and/or professional correspondence. To utilise our services and facilities, you must pay a registration charge and a monthly subscription cost.

1.2) Despite the fact that the Center offers physical mailboxes, we will give you a mailbox key in exchange for a deposit that will be returned once the key is returned.

1.3) If you comply with Companies House rules and give us the required information, including the full names and residential addresses of all directors, you may use the postal address as the legal Registered Office of your firm.

1.4) All pre-paid mail that is addressed to you will be received on your behalf by us and, if a physical mailbox is supplied, will be deposited in it. In the absence of a physical mailbox, we will store the mail securely for pickup or forward it to a designated address.

1.5) We will accept special, registered, or recorded delivery products on your behalf. You are responsible for all costs or fees related to the refusal or return of any such goods if you choose not to accept it.

1.6) Subject to prior arrangements and payment for their receipt, we will accept things that require cash on delivery on your behalf.

1.7) At intervals determined by the parties, we will forward mail to an address you designate. You consent to pay a handling fee and any postage and packaging expenses related to this service.

1.8) When you give us permission through your service level selection or a written request, we’ll open, scan, and store mail items on our server so you can download them later. You are required to download and store digital files on your computer or other electronic device within the 90-day storage window. After this time, files will be permanently removed from our server. You consent to paying a handling fee for this service, if necessary.

1.9) In the event that there is; we may, at our sole discretion, refuse to accept delivery of, forward, scan, and store any item.

1.9.1) no prepaid postage or inadequate postage; or

1.9.2) Any unpaid balance; or

1.9.3) If we believe that the item’s delivery, forwarding, scanning, or storage violates Condition 5;

1.9.4) You receive an excessive amount of mail or an item that is excessively large; or

1.9.5) any correspondence is sent to a person or company whose name is not specified in the Agreement as a mailing name; or

1.9.6) The Service is being utilised to store or deliver valuable objects.

1.10) Payment will be necessary to cover the entire advertising term during which our mailing address is displayed if you use the Service address for advertising purposes, including but not limited to printed or online directories, search engine portals, or a website. Subscribers to our basic plan are not permitted to advertise using our address.

1.11 You commit to picking up the mail at least once per month on a regular basis. Upon notification of delivery, packages and shipments must be picked up within 72 hours. On uncollected products, we have the right to impose a package holding fee.

1.12 If you don’t remove any materials within a month of being notified, you give us permission to, in our sole discretion, either destroy the items, send them to your last-known address, or send them back to the sender at your expense and risk.

1.13) You shall lose the key deposit mentioned in Section 1.2 above if you misplace the mailbox key for the actual mailbox or fail to return it to us after the Agreement is terminated.

1.14 You consent to inform us right away if the mailbox key is misplaced or taken. You authorise us to change the lock on the physical mailbox upon notification and consent to paying a key replacement cost.

1.15 Any individual in possession of your mailbox key is presumed to have your permission, and we are under no obligation to inquire about that person’s authority. If the mailbox key is in the possession of an unauthorised individual, we will not be responsible for any resulting loss or damage.

1.16 You can ask us to upgrade the mailbox size or the Service at any moment, provided that it’s possible. A fee adjustment will be made accordingly.

1.17) You may only reduce the mailbox size or the Service at the time of service renewal, depending on availability.

1.18 There will be a handling charge for mail that is addressed to you that is larger than 15x15x15 or 1kg.

1.19) Without giving you previous warning, we have the right to change the permitted parcel size and weight criteria at any time.

2) Services for a meeting room, a serviced office, and a hot desk

2.1) During the date and time specified in your booking, we will offer you a meeting room, hot desk, or serviced office facility at the Center.

2.2) On the indicated dates, we will not provide you any kind of legal estate, lease, tenancy, or arrangement to share the use of the facility. Every accommodation is still EMB property.

2.3) Prior to the commencement date, we will let you know the specifics of the reservation and the facility.

Unless there is an emergency, we will let you know ahead of time about any testing, repairs, or other work that needs to be done.

2.5) You consent to maintain and respect all furnishings, fittings, and equipment and to follow all fire and health codes.

2.6) You acknowledge that you, your staff, or visitors you have brought into the Center may cause harm.

2.7) You acknowledge that you may not assign this Agreement or any rights to anybody. This Agreement is unique to you and may not be assigned to another party or otherwise passed on.

2.8) You may not use the Center address for any mail deliveries unless you have a service agreement in place for a mailbox or virtual office.

2.9) Full payment for the service must be made at least 7 days before the scheduled time and date.

2.10) Coverage:

2.10.1) Any furniture, tools, or other items you bring to the Center won’t be insured by us.

2.10.2) You should get and keep appropriate insurance to protect against: obligations to your workers; Liabilities to third parties.

3) Telephone Services

3.1) For the duration indicated, we will give you a virtual landline phone number.

3.2) In cases where a call forwarding service is necessary, we will automatically route calls from your virtual landline number to an additional phone number that you supply.

3.3) If you need a call answering service, we’ll take care of the calls on your behalf based on the details you give us. Any messages will be sent to you via email.

3.4) You acknowledge that all call forwarding and handling fees will be borne by you. You acknowledge that you will always keep enough money in your call deposit account to pay the fees.

3.5) If there is a price increase, we will give you written notice at least 30 days in advance.

3.6) We have the right to decline calls or forward messages at any time for any reason, including but not limited to:

3.6.1) Any unpaid balance; or

3.6.2) The caller’s abusive or unruly behaviour; or

3.6.3) An excessively high volume of calls are placed through the Service.

4) Additional and Related Services

4.1) Either we’ll offer you a “Customized Service” that’s customised to your needs or we’ll direct you to a different company.

4.2) If a customised service is offered, we will follow the terms of the agreement when delivering the service. You consent to paying for the Service in full up front or at regular intervals that we specify.

4.3) If we recommend a third party to you, we will just serve as an introduction, and any arrangement you make with the third party is totally your responsibility. We won’t be included in the contract. If both of us agree, the third party may pay us a fee for introducing you to them.

5) Approved Service Use

5.1) By using the Service, you promise not to use it for any unlawful, immoral, risky, offensive, or anti-social activities, and you also promise not to engage in any risky activities at the Center. If you do, we might file a similar report with the appropriate government.

5.2) You acknowledge that you will not transmit, deliver, or authorise the sending or delivery of any high value items, illegal, defamatory, obscene, hazardous, or bulky object or content to the Center.

5.3) You undertake not to take any action that could annoy us or anyone else in the Center, damage the Center, make a disturbance, be inconvenient, or threaten to do any of those things.

6) The Payment

6.1) Unless otherwise stated, all fees associated with our services must be paid upfront and in full.

6.2) On the due date, we will automatically charge your card or account for any upcoming service renewal payments. You can ask us to remove you from the automatic service renewal process. While you consent to automatic service renewal, you also acknowledge that your payment method must have a sufficient cleared amount in order for the payment to be executed by the payment due date.

6.3) We reserve the right to suspend the Service until the payment is made in full if the payment is uncollectible or you fail to make it by the due date. Additionally, a late payment fee might be assessed by us. Upon expiration of the current Term, any correspondence sent to you may, in our sole discretion, be returned to sender or held for a period of up to 30 days pending payment.

6.4) If any payment or other sums are owed to us, we will postpone delivery of all things that have not been collected until the necessary payments have been paid.

6.5) If a payment is more than 30 days overdue, we shall cancel the service and file a lawsuit to recoup the unpaid sum. The expenses incurred for debt recovery will be added to your unpaid balance.

7) Service Down payment

7.1) You consent to our taking and holding a service deposit, and you give us permission to charge the deposit account for all expenses and fees related to your agreement.

7.2) You consent to always keeping a sufficient amount to pay for foreseeable expenses.

7.3) If you have any remaining balance after the service is terminated and there are no unpaid invoices from you, we will refund it to you.

8) Availability of Services

8.1) We will notify you immediately and offer to transfer the Service to a different Center if Service availability is interrupted or discontinued at the Center specified in your Agreement.

8.2) We will terminate the Agreement and reimburse any unused fees for the duration of the Agreement if you reject our offer to move Services to another Center. You acknowledge that upon termination, you will not hold us responsible for any losses or damages resulting from such termination.

9) Refunds and Cancellations

9.1) You must submit any requests to cancel services in writing.

9.2 If you have made a subscription purchase through our online portal for a mailbox, mail forwarding, or virtual office service, you may cancel the order and obtain a full refund as long as you have not used the service and made the cancellation request within 24 hours of the transaction. A cancellation fee of £25 will be charged to cover administrative costs for requests made after 24 hours and up to 14 days following your initial booking. Providing you have not utilised the Service, we will repay the remaining money. After 14 days, cancellations are not eligible for a refund.

9.3 Unless you give us at least 48 hours’ notice, cancellations for meeting room, hot desk, and serviced office reservations are non-refundable. In such case, a full refund is issued.

9.4 Cancelling the Customized Service will not result in a reimbursement.

10) Duration and Termination

10.1) The minimum service time will be 3 months regardless of whether you subscribe to a mailbox, mail forwarding, virtual office, or telecom service.

10.2 After we have acknowledged payment, the Service will be regarded as live and active. Regardless of whether your identification verification is complete or not, the Term will start at this point.

10.3 In the event that we receive your written request within seven days of the Service purchase date, we will postpone the start date.

10.4 The Service Agreement will automatically renew on a rolling basis for the same service period at the conclusion of each Term unless you request that the service be terminated. The service must be terminated in writing at least 14 days before the Term expires.

10.5) The Agreement shall expire on the final day of the current Term, provided that we receive written notice of termination from you at least 14 days beforehand.

10.6) You are always free to stop using the Service. There will be no refunds for early termination of the Service by you, with the exception of the article 8.2 provision.

10.7) After the Agreement expires, you are not allowed to advertise your company on stationery, websites, Google location services, or statutory registrations using our property address as your business address.

10.8) If you violate any of these Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to immediately cancel the Service. No money will be returned.

10.9) If there is any suspicion of illegal behaviour, we have the right to deny delivery of mail on your behalf or to turn the mail over to the appropriate authority. You grant us permission to hold onto any mail sent to you or any materials held at the Center that are your property after your Agreement is terminated, destroy it, send it back to the sender, or forward it to your last known address. You are responsible for all costs associated with receiving any forwarded mail.

10.10) You shall be given written notice and asked to leave the premises right away if we decide to cancel your reservation for a meeting room, serviced office, or hot desk services.

11) Liabilities and Indemnities

11.1) Unless we are negligent, you are responsible for paying any cost, responsibility, loss, claim, or proceeding associated with the use of the Service.

11.2) The maximum amount of our obligation for any loss or damage to mail delivery is £10 per claim, and the total amount of our liability cannot exceed the payment made under any agreement.

11.3) We are not responsible for any direct, indirect, or consequential losses, including lost profits, liabilities, costs, or expenses resulting from any unforeseen circumstance, including, but not limited to, any misdelivery by Royal Mail or any other carrier.

11.4) If the meeting room, serviced office, or hot desk services are interrupted as a result of our negligence, our liability is restricted to the service cost.

11.5) In the event of a Force Majeure, we won’t be held responsible for any additional fees or expenses. It is up to you to purchase insurance against such hazards.

11.6) If you decide to hire or purchase additional facilities, goods, or services directly from us at any time, we will not be held responsible for any associated loss, damage, expenditure, failure, or claim of any sort.

11.7) Whether or not the loss or damage is the result of any act or omission, negligence, or willful default by us, neither we nor anyone employed by EVERYDAYS MAILBOX LTD will be liable for any loss to you or any other person (including consequential economic loss) for any damage to furniture, equipment, or goods in the Center. Any additional guarantees, terms, or conditions, whether expressed or implied by statute or otherwise, that would conflict with this stipulation are expressly disclaimed.

12) Identification documentation

12.1) In accordance with Section 75 of the London Local Authorities Act 2007 and The Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020 (as amended from time to time), we will carry out checks to confirm your identity, business name, and relationship to the business (if applicable) to the relevant authority. This can entail taking and keeping pictures of identification documents, checking your personal information against databases, both electronic and otherwise (public or otherwise). In order to use the Service, you must first provide:

12.1.1) the full name, address, phone number, and the reason for the service request for each person whose mail is to be received, retained, forwarded, or scanned;

12.1.2) In the event of a business, information on the organisation for which mail is to be received, retained, forwarded, or scanned, as well as statutory status documents, complete director or owner names and addresses, are required.

12.1.3) Original identification documents, such as “proof of picture identity” and “proof of address,” for all individuals and businesses of the kind we have approved. If necessary to pursue legal action or in response to a valid request from an appropriate authority, we may release this information;

12.2) As required by the relevant UK authorities, we are required to keep your information correct and up to date. These criteria could occasionally vary. If your contact information changes, please let us know right once and include any pertinent facts. We reserve the right to withhold mail and parcels while we look into the information supplied and/or inspect them.

13) Governmental law

13.1) This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in England and Wales. If there is a disagreement over the Service or any other services we provide, these Terms and Conditions will control.

14) The 2018 Data Protection Act

14.1) Identity verification may also be done using the information you supply. That data will be safely stored on our platform. Only other group companies and their business associates will have access to it, and only for use in connection with the delivery of our Services. Unless needed by law or regulation, it won’t be disclosed to any third party without your express consent. The data will be kept on file along with our verification of it in compliance with any applicable laws, after which it will be destroyed. Access rights to some of the information we keep are granted by the Act. On demand, specifics are available. Additionally, for fraud prevention purposes, this information may be used to stop or catch criminal activity. In order to support their investigations and/or inquiries, the crime prevention agencies, as well as any public or private sector organisations or representative bodies adhering to applicable legislative and regulatory duties, may receive any information we acquire from you.

15) Privacy Principles

15.1) We understand how crucial it is to protect your privacy. When you contact us, we might need to gather personal information from you in order to respond to a question or sales inquiry. We only use your personal information to contact you about products and services supplied by our business and its partners that we believe you would find interesting or to send you information about our business that you request. We do not keep a record of credit card information or divulge consumer information to any parties. Your acceptance of this privacy statement is indicated by your continuous use of this website. If you’d like not to receive this correspondence, do let us know in writing. For a complete explanation of our privacy policy, click here.

16) Use Policy for Website

16.1) Only informational purposes are intended for the materials on this website. They are intended to give a general overview of the company and its offerings rather than to cover EMB in its entirety. Content, visuals, design, database programming, and functionality are all protected by EMB’s intellectual property rights. Without the full written consent of EMB, no information on this website may be used or duplicated in any way. Any infraction will result in legal action to the utmost degree possible.

16.2 Despite our best efforts to ensure the accuracy of this website, we cannot vouch for the completeness and accuracy of the information provided. To the fullest extent allowed by law, we disclaim any responsibility for any harm caused by improper use of this website or by use of out-of-date information.