Refund Policy

Everydays Mailbox Services

Where the customer has purchased the mailbox service online or in store, The Mailbox Service purchase will be considered live and operational. All sales are final and no refunds are due.

In the event of cancellation by the subscriber prior to the expiry date of the contract Everydays Mailbox Services will be entitled to charge a handling fee pro rata in accordance with the initial work done, or length of time remaining and this will be charged at the monthly rate irrespective of the length of time of the original contract, in addition an early cancellation fee will be charged at the discretion of the Provider, for Telephone answering this will include a minimum fee of £45.00, for Voicemail this will include a minimum fee of £45.00 and for Mail Boxes this will include a minimum fee of £45.00 plus any London Borough of Islington charges that may be incurred in the cancellation of any service and notification required under sec.75 of the LLA Act 2007.

Everydays Mailbox Services requires under the money laundering act 2 forms of personal identification. The customer agrees to provide 1 photo identification and 1 proof of address. In the event that the Customer fails to provide such documents, Everydays Mailbox Services reserve the right to cancel the contract without refund of monies paid.